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More info on All Candy Expo

All Candy Expo

All Candy Expo June 2006

  • Oldfriendsnewversions
    These photos are from All Candy Expo, the annual conference and expo where ALL the names in candy, gum, chocolates, and snack foods come to meet with buyers and the media. It was held at McCormick Place in Chicago.


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I haven't tried the bubble gum Smarties yet, but on the subject of classics asserting themselves in the modern market, I think that Goetze's is doing a great job of making themsevles more relevant.

Their newer Cow Tales and the StrawberriCream flavors I think are revitalizing the company image.

Of all the booths at the Expo, I found the "retro" candy ones to be the most approachable and easiest to understand from a marketing/positioning point of view.

James Hills

Wow you must be a mind reader ... They (Goetze) are TOTALLY a stand out ... I am praising them highly for how they have handled their brand.

I actually just finished my "off the floor" taste test of their new strawberry flavor :) It was excellent!


Wow - we have two things in common - arcade games and candy. Two of my sites:

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Who is really the REAL manufacturer of the Japanese b2up bust up gum?
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I always have it on my pocket, i dont know why i love these candies.

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